Haruomi hosono nokto de la galaksia fervojo

Billed as Super Xevious (Music by Haruomi Hosono) , this is more like a pop track with game sounds. In Holland the 12" was billed as (Video Game Music Dance Mix) HOSONO. The B side material also has synth material added and is different from the more pure video game tracks of Video Game Music . Included in YEN Box vol 2 . In other words this has clear and obvious Hosono playing, Video Game Music is more like the pure game sound. It was reissued in 2001? as SUPER XEVIOUS, for the first time as a stand alone CD with the Gust Notch Mix below as a bonus
Super Xevious (+) 1984 YEN promo 7" YEN-106 A version called Super Xevious (Gust Notch Mix) appears on YEN BONUS Disc on YEN Box Vol1. I think it is this 7" promo. I've heard Gust Notch is like an exclamation for having a good score if by chance you are wondering if Gust Notch is the guy doing the remix :-) The return of video game music
(aka) Video Game Music Volume 2 has no Hosono involvement on it, though I've seen some web pages mistakenly crediting him with it Hana ni mizu (*)1984 . Tojyusya cassette single: 0073-10503-5190 2 tracks Talking an early version of The Endless Talking and Growth . This was in-store ambient music offered to the public for a short time on a retail cassette with a booklet. No longer available and rare. HARUOMI HOSONO PRESENTS Non-Standard Mixture The Making of Non-Standard Music/The Making of Monad Music Non-Standard and Monad 12":16NS-1001, stand alone 2001 CD reissue TECN-18751 One side of techno pop for his label, Non-Standard . The reverse side is Monad , his ambient label. Both were sub-labels of Techiku. I hear this came with a manga book. I guess mine was stolen. Terre Thaemlitz told me these ambient tracks were particularly inspiring. Reissued in 2001 on CD. All but the latest CD versions of S-F-X (below) contain these tracks as bonuses so unless you want to get the vinyl with the manga you might consider S-F-X to get both

  1. Non-Standard Mixture
  2. Medium Composition; #1
  3. Medium Composition; #2
FRIENDS OF EARTH was Hosono's post YMO band. It first it refered to his keyboards (predominantly Kurzweil K250), later actual musicians officially joined in. The music is a blend of drum-machine oriented technopop with funk / hip hop. Since most are EPs (Maxi Singles), they have since been combined on CDs. HARUOMI HOSNO WITH FRIENDS OF EARTH S-F-X Non-Standard lp : 22NS-2 cd: TECN-18036, TECN-15342 (2001 reissue without the "Making of Non-Standard" tracks) A mix of techno-pop and experimental tracks with lots of Close Encounters samples. The all but the latest CDs of this release add the tracks from The Making of Non Standard Music. (marked by "*") Guests: Kubota and Sandii, Koshi, Nishimura. Still available at a budget price. This album is usually considered Hosono solo, not an . album. CD Contents:
  1. Non-Standard Mixture*
  2. Body Snatchers (special mix) -not certain how or it differs from the LP
  3. Androgena
  4. SFX
  5. Strange Love
  6. Alternative 3
  7. Dark Side of the Star
  8. Medium Composition; #1*
  9. Medium Composition; #2*
  10. *
*not on the vinyl ep, but from the "Making of Non-Standard" EP above. These tracks were placed on a separate released CD in the 2001 reissue Friends of Earth Friend or FOE? Non-Standard EP: 18NS-1006 Techno-pop tracks with 2 new versions of the songs on "S-F-X" and 2 new tracks. It had a joke "ADULT ONLY XXX" label on it. I'm not sure why. With Nonaka on side B. means "Over the Top" as we learn. Out of print.
  1. World Famous Techno Pop
  2. Return of the Body Snatchers (Exterminated mix)
  3. Strange Love (Fonk version)
  4. OTT Manifest (OTT mix)
.#1 Decline of . Non-Standard EP:15NS-1010 4 frantic tracks including the super goofy "Dance Hall".. are Nonaka, Hosono, Nishimura. Guests: Sandii, Miharu Koshi, Makato Kubata of print.
  1. Dance Hall
  2. Agricult
  3. Lunar Gloom
  4. Decline of the City
The World of . (@) cd: TECN-18231 combines Friend or FOE? and Decline of . into one CD Out of print. .#1 Sex, Energy and Star Non-Standard lp: 28NS-10, cd: 30CH-174 , TECN-18230 (reissue cd) Full length album. This is the one with guests James Brown, Maceo Parker and Anton Fier and tons of Kurzewil K250. Plenty of drums and sequences. Since the real James Brown appears (on Sex Machine ), nobody insults him with anything too strange or deconstructed for beter or worse. Sex Machine/(instrumental) (@) 7" Non Standard 07NS-104

Hosono is the grandson of Masabumi Hosono , the only Japanese passenger and survivor of the sinking of RMS Titanic . Hosono first came to attention in Japan as the bass player of the psychedelic rock band Apryl Fool, alongside drummer Takashi Matsumoto , who released the album The Apryl Fool in 1969. Hosono and Matsumoto then formed the influential folk rock group Happy End with Eiichi Ohtaki and Shigeru Suzuki . [8] One of the songs he composed for Happy End, " Kaze wo Atsumete " (1971), later appeared in the American film Lost in Translation and on its soundtrack in 2003. [10] After Happy End disbanded around 1974, Hosono worked with Suzuki and a loose association of artists making " exotica "-style music under the title Tin Pan Alley .

Haruomi Hosono Nokto De La Galaksia FervojoHaruomi Hosono Nokto De La Galaksia FervojoHaruomi Hosono Nokto De La Galaksia FervojoHaruomi Hosono Nokto De La Galaksia Fervojo