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The Space Library has been delving into the galactic archives, this time with SL virgins like the baroque-pop of The Jumping Jacques , a little glam stomp from Hot ...

Orazio, the gardener, was buzzing around the lawn on his ride-on mower. Through a cloud of diesel fumes, I asked him if the Frenchman had left.

The origins and evolutionary relationships between the three main groups of amphibians are hotly debated. A molecular phylogeny based on rDNA analysis dating from 2005 suggests that salamanders and caecilians are more closely related to each other than they are to frogs and the divergence of the three groups took place in the Paleozoic or early Mesozoic before the breakup of the supercontinent Pangaea and soon after their divergence from the lobe-finned fishes . This would help account for the relative scarcity of amphibian fossils from the period before the groups split. [14] Another molecular phylogenetic analysis conducted about the same time concluded that lissamphibians first appeared about 330 million years ago and that the temnospondyl-origin hypothesis is more credible than other theories. The neobatrachians seemed to have originated in Africa/India, the salamanders in East Asia and the caecilians in tropical Pangaea. [15] Other researchers, while agreeing with the main thrust of this study, questioned the choice of calibration points used to synchronise the data. They proposed that the date of lissamphibian diversification should be placed in the Permian , rather less than 300 million years ago, a date in better agreement with the palaeontological data. [16] A further study in 2011 using both extinct and living taxa sampled for morphological, as well as molecular data, came to the conclusion that Lissamphibia is monophyletic and that it should be nested within Lepospondyli rather than within Temnospondyli . The study postulated that Lissamphibia originated no earlier than the late Carboniferous , some 290 to 305 million years ago. The split between Anura and Caudata was estimated as taking place 292 million years ago, rather later than most molecular studies suggest, with the caecilians splitting off 239 million years ago. [17]

In June of 1995, 15 year old Martin Hinchcliffe had a fight with his girlfriend’s parents. After writing a note to his mother saying he would kill himself he walked to Sugar Lump cliff on Beachy Head and jumped. 35 feet into his fall he was caught by some extending rocks and was completely hidden from view in a deep crevasse. After spending 72 hours holding on to the cliffs, his cries were finally heard by a man walking on the beach below. Coastguard, police and firefighters went to the scene and were able to rescue Hinchcliffe who suffered a broken leg and cracked several ribs. Hinchcliffe said he sucked on rocks during the 72 hours to avoid dehydration.

As mentioned above, Vanellope is razor-tongued, and takes pleasure in insulting and berating others, in either a serious or teasing manner. This is seen through her friendship with Ralph, as the two are known to have playfully condescending nicknames for one another, establishing a relationship similar to that of two fun-loving siblings. This is also an example of Vanellope's spunk and moxie, as she has the habit of sassing and standing her ground against characters with the potential to pose a serious threat. When she encountered Ralph, the two were at odds, and despite the wrecker being thrice her size, Vanellope generally showed no real fear of the bad-guy.

Besides being a notable racer, his ambitions and envy drove him to learn new things and brew up nefarious plots. He's the only video-game character presumed to have managed to crack the Sugar Rush security code (which was a reference to what's known as the Konami code) and re-program it to become the main character, while leaving Vanellope out.

With floor-to-ceiling windows lining the river side, the River Café has been a hotspot for ages. You’ll need a jacket, gents, and proper footwear, but if you do it right, you can sneak in for a cocktail at the bar on a whim without a reservation. A manager suggests calling first to make sure there’s room, and that walk-ins can typically snag a drink around 5:30 or 10 .

Jumping Jacques Sugar SpiceJumping Jacques Sugar SpiceJumping Jacques Sugar SpiceJumping Jacques Sugar Spice