Scotch take me up long version

If you are interested in Scotch but don’t know where to start, flaviar can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars by quickly getting you exactly the Scotch you like best, without wasting time and money on bottles you don’t like. At the same time, you can explore Scotch drams you would have otherwise never heard of. They even ship everything in a beautiful box.

Light is not good for any spirit, which is why so many beers are bottled in brown or green bottles, so you want to keep it out of the light whenever possible. If you have a dark room, that generally will suffice, but a cupboard or cabinet is best. You want to avoid leaving it in direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light destroys tannins, which aren’t present in a high quantity in whisky but are still there (they actually come from the cask).

Nose : Peach (indicating mild sherry), some brash young grain. Somewhat lemony, but otherwise standard cereal notes. Light and inoffensive.

Scotch Take Me Up Long VersionScotch Take Me Up Long VersionScotch Take Me Up Long VersionScotch Take Me Up Long Version